Access Appraisal

A detailed access appraisal would be required to enable a planning application for any major development to proceed to formal submission.

This assessment would build upon the information gathered as part of either a desk top or site based feasibility study and consider the area surrounding the development site and potential approach road. All the information required to prepare either a Transport Assessment or Transport Chapter of an Environmental Statement will be gathered.

At this stage it is possible that detailed traffic surveys would be required which would set baseline conditions thereby establishing the existing level of traffic at strategic locations along with the percentage of HGV’s present on the network.

Any junctions will be reviewed using industry standard software to check for any limitations on vehicle movements by undertaking a swept path analysis of large vehicles likely to be used in the delivery of equipment to the site. If necessary, and in association with software package manufacturers, it is possible to create the swept path movements of bespoke vehicle and trailer combinations to accurately reflect the type of vehicle likely to be used, even large vehicles which have two drivers. Further information on this specific element can be found at our Swept Path Analysis website .

Predictions will also be made as to the likely volume of traffic, being the numbers of vehicle movements the development will generate. This can be achieved either from calculations provided by the operator of the site and/or by using the TRICS database.

This traffic would then be added to the base flows obtained from the surveys and the impact of the resultant increase assessed. It may also be necessary for detailed junction modelling to be undertaken to ascertain whether the junctions under consideration will still operate within accepted parameters with the development in place. Further information on this specific element can be found at our website

This process will also identify if any junction improvements are required to mitigate against the increase in traffic. For example it may be necessary to provide a left turn filter lane at a signal controlled junction to accommodate the resultant traffic or widening on the approach to roundabouts.

Other sections of road will also be assessed in a similar manner having regard to the percentage increase of traffic and particularly HGV traffic. Typical improvements may include a controlled pedestrian crossing on a route to a local school or shopping area.

Sanderson Associates are able to undertake all aspects of the access appraisal and produce a detailed report advising of the impacts and recommended mitigation measures to lessen the impact to an acceptable level.

Sanderson Associates are also able to undertake several other development related tasks such as Flood Risk Assessments, Highway Detailed Design and Drainage Detailed Design.

Require Assistance with a Renewable Energy Planning?

Sanderson Associates have extensive experience in providing for a wide variety of Feasibility Studies and Access Appraisals for major and minor developments associated with many varied development projects including the renewable energy market.

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